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Customers often get in touch with us to check whether or not artificial grass is suitable for their dogs and cats. In fact, a good number of our customers are pet-owners and this is one of their main motivations for installing artificial grass. We can assure you that all of our artificial grass at Kewlees is 100% pet-friendly. Furthermore it is easy to clean and maintain.

Goodbye, dirty carpets

As a pet-owner, you’ll be delighted with this one; the lack of dirt and mud around the house is one of the main advantages to installing artificial grass. No matter the weather outside, your furry friend will remain mud and dirt free. Just think, you’ll no longer have to clean your dog’s paws continually before he or she re-enters the house!

No more holes in your lawn
Does your dog love to dig? Let them save it for the park 😊. Artificial turf will stay as good as new and you will no longer be despairing at all the holes in your garden. Once your furry friend realises how robust and resilient your new lawn is, they will stop even trying to dig holes. With artificial grass, your lawn will also be fertiliser and chemical free, thereby creating a completely safe environment for your pet.

What do I need to consider to make my artificial grass pet-friendly?
There are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to buying and installing your artificial grass to ensure that the product you select and the installation process that you go through are safe for your beloved pet:

1)  One of the main important preparations is to use a permeable sub-base. This ensures that when your pet relieves themselves on your artificial grass, the liquid can easily soak through. For a sub-base we recommend granite dust: read more about how to prepare for artificial grass here
2) Another thing to make sure with your artificial grass is that it is of high-quality and doesn’t contain any substances that could be harmful to pet. This is unusual these days but it is still worth a check.  
3) We recommend you choose an artificial grass option made from a durable material. The grass blades of our products are made from polyethylene which is a long lasting material that can cope with heavy traffic and is tolerance to wear and tear from pets.   

If you need any more advice on the best artificial grass to choose for your pets, then please do get in touch. View our range of artificial grass here.

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