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As artificial grass suppliers, we get asked frequently by our customers about the surfaces on which they can lay artificial grass. Artificial grass is becoming more popular and is an extremely versatile landscaping solution. That being said, some artificial grass surfaces need a lot more preparation in advance of the job than others. Ultimately, anywhere that you would like artificial grass, you can have it, be that inside or outside, on decking, concrete flags or within your garden itself. Please see below for a few examples of our most frequently asked questions with regards to the best surface on which to lay artificial grass.

Can I lay artificial grass on soil?

In short, you can lay artificial grass on soil, but there will be some effort required. Soil is not necessarily the best surface on which to lay artificial grass and without the right preparation, you could end up with a rather uneven looking garden. If you have an area of soil on which you would like to lay artificial grass then it’s important to ensure that it’s flat at the start and that there are no soft spots. It’s also essential to fit a weed membrane so that the weeds cannot grow through your new artificial grass.

Can I lay artificial grass on concrete?

Concrete is an ideal base for artificial grass as it is flat and solid, so there is no need to remove the concrete first. One important point to note is that the concrete in question needs to drain water properly – otherwise this could result in damage to the grass once it is laid. If there isn’t a drainage solution then we would recommend installing drainage holes and placing down a foam underlay. Point to note – ensure that your concrete is clean and clear of debris before you start the job.

Can I lay artificial grass on decking?

Laying artificial grass on top of decking works well and is an affordable and durable solution for your garden, especially if your decking is damaged or past its best. Of course, like with all artificial grass surfaces, there is some necessary preparation but artificial grass can be a time effective and cost effective solution when compared to decking.

Can I lay artificial grass on top of grass?

Well, sort of. You will need to remove the current turf first and go through the necessary steps to prepare – take a look at our article on this here. For this we would recommend hiring a turf cutter as it’ll take a long time if you try to remove the turf manually with a shovel. Another option, of course is to hire an artificial grass supplier and fitter – read more about us here and see the areas that we cover below.

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